First 100 Givers

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At Future Generations Foundation, we believe that ‘Community is currency’– A critical ingredient that, when harnessed appropriately, could generate a shared nerve center that keeps a collective pulse on community affairs.

As part of the ‘First 100 Givers’, you are a first responder. You are part of the FG conveners’ inner circle contributing to the formative work that will lay the foundation for national and continent-wide impact.

The 100M UGX (USD 28,000) being raised as part of this initiative will help FG to, among other things; Research, document, and archive African Philanthropy practices and their relation with other global practices. Set up a full-time administrative unit that supports community organizations with governance, systems, grants, and sustainability solutions. Commission and curate formative research on Uganda’s history to create free-to-access archives in physical, audio, print, video, etc. formats curated to trace solutions to our community challenges from within.

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First 100 Givers


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