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A movement supporting community based solutions and innovations

Future Oriented

FGF at a Glance

The Future Generations (FG) Foundation is a collective of people and communities with a shared interest of co-creating new ideas, tools, systems, and technologies that shall contribute to transforming the African continent and its people. We do this by partnering with and actively investing in social endeavors and enterprises that directly effect change in our communities. Our vision centers our partners and their experiences in order to design locally appropriate and relevant works.

We work together with them to strengthen shared capacity and knowledge, advance joint advocacy efforts, and build alliances across our collective networks. Through our work, we mobilize individuals, social investors, government agencies, and community movements that can pool resources and expertise to propagate or advance comprehensive, long-term African ideas and solutions.

FG Foundation envisions a rich legacy for future generations and emphasizes solidarity, reciprocity, community knowledge, and collective wisdom

Our History

The Future Generations (FG) Foundation was established following many years of informally sharing our time, talent, and unstructured partnering with our communities. Our definition of community is broad and encompasses shared geography, identity, values, interest, culture, faith, and experiences.

The Foundation formalized its operations in 2021 to expand its reach and now operates as a bridge that bridges givers and recipients with initiatives that exemplify positive, sustainable, community-led change.

Our primary mandate is to invest in the long-term transformative work of self-conscious and locally-aligned community building.

We cannot do this without acknowledging significant social and economic power disparities so we are devoted to rethinking existing global grant-making practices to move beyond shifting resources to shifting power.


A community of socially conscious people committed to reimagining their communities using means that are anchored in dignity, equity, and trust-based relationships that forecast for the present and future of Africa


To generate and catalyze community-based ideas and solutions in Africa through resource-sharing and partnership-building

Core Values and Beliefs

Our work is inspired by four fundamental values that keep us committed to our vision;

Trust As a Currency

We cultivate symbiotic relationships with both our giver and recipient partners where we prioritize dignity, honesty, resourcefulness, mutual respect, and compassion.


Through our work, we celebrate our African identity and preserve our indigenous history and culture while promoting cohesion and harmony in our communities.


The Foundation envisions a rich legacy for future generations and emphasizes solidarity, reciprocity, community knowledge, and collective wisdom.


In the absence of strong relationships with our communities, our work can only be transient and fleeting. Therefore, our priority is to nurture authentic and transparent connections that link us strongly in unity and purpose.

Our Key Focus Areas

The Future Generations (FG) Foundation was established following many years of informally sharing
our time, talent, and unstructured partnering with our communities.

Early-stage startups and CSOs are usually well-positioned to address community needs quickly and innovatively but are often unable to test and scale because of limited finances, governance expertise, and appropriate strategic partnerships. Most donors and traditional philanthropy partners only provide funding to direct activity costs, often ignoring core administrative and governance costs. This always leaves these organizations without a foundation for longevity and sustainable identity.

Under this program, the FG Foundation provides tailored financing in the form of short-term or multi-year grants that can partially be applied to administrative costs. We also offer in-depth non-financial support in the form of expert-led workshops, mentorship programs, legal and taxation advice, strategic financial planning, monitoring, and evaluation.

We hone the strategic management capacity of enterprises by acquainting ourselves with their unique needs and connecting them with the right advisors/partners to help resolve any technical, market, or financial questions. We do this while, tracking and evaluating their progress for maximum impact. How do we work with for-profit companies? We walk alongside the start-up from the pre-seed and seed funding stages to support their process of securing funding, building a minimum viable product, refining their messaging, and carving out a niche in their industry.

This process helps startups to scale sustainably and enables them to focus on product development, infrastructure, customer acquisition, and team building. Social entrepreneurs who are part of this program gain expertise in key business functions and collaborate with a supportive network of peers through our digital and in-person community.

FG Foundation is committed to the African values of kinship, mutual aid, and solidarity. This is why we actively invest in socially embedded sustainable endeavors that strive to support communities to live in harmony with nature and increase their well-being.

The Foundation also funds community-based sports and artistic activities (music, literature, visual arts, film/video, and playwriting) because they encourage individual artistic expression, integration, dialogue, and collaboration and provide opportunities for people in our communities to gain valuable skills.

Under this pillar, we define issues based on community priorities and local assets and co-create flexible and replicable social strategies and systems that radically transform our continent. We partner with individuals and Community Based Organizations, including, but not limited to, community funds, giving circles, youth associations, volunteer groups, cooperatives, social movements, Students, and individuals working in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field, artists, and art collectives, athletes and sports associations.

As we advance as a continent, it is our responsibility to adopt intentional, well-designed methods to preserve our earth and our heritage for the benefit of current and future generations.

Under this pillar, the Foundation seeks to propagate African culture by researching, curating, documenting, archiving, and disseminating African historical and contemporary languages, art, music, relics, Fauna, Flora, and customs.

Through this endeavor, we forge and grow partnerships that nurture pride and interest in our African past, present, and future of proud identity and sustainable ecosystem.

We do this through supporting individuals that are documenting and curating African stories and lives to package and share them now and in the future. We are also working with artists, archivists, museums, historians, etc., that are working in spaces focused on telling and preserving the African human condition and legacy.

Protecting our identity also requires us to safeguard the earth and rebuild our ecological systems. The ravages of climate change, including changing rainfall patterns, extreme natural disasters, erosion, flooding, and drought (among many others) must be acknowledged and addressed with prudence and urgency. The Foundation believes in using our ingrained traditional ecological knowledge to redefine our relationship with the earth and is keen on advancing practices and policies that protect our culture and environment from extinction. We do this not only by championing feasible and functional climate solutions but also collaborating with and amplifying the voices of African climate action activists.