Weaving a trust economy
with community as currency

The FG Foundation anchors itself in researching, curating, and diligently archiving ideas and solutions grounded in the age-long practices of African philanthropy and providing solutions deeply grounded in our values of community and trust as currency with like-minded people and institutions across the world.

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The Future Generations Foundation

The Future Generations Foundation is a collective of people and communities with a shared interest in co-creating new ideas, tools, systems, and technologies that contribute to transforming the African continent and its people. We do this by collaborating with and actively investing in social ventures and enterprises that directly effect positive change in our communities.

Through our work, we mobilize individuals, social investors, government agencies, and community movements to pool resources and expertise in order to propagate and advance comprehensive, long-term African ideas and solutions. Our vision is centered on our partners and their experiences, and we work together with them to strengthen shared capacity and knowledge, advance joint advocacy efforts, and build alliances across our collective networks.

Our Key Focus Areas

The Future Generations  Foundation was established following many years of informally sharing our time, talent, and unstructured partnering with our communities. Our definition of community is broad and encompasses shared geography, identity, values, interest, culture, faith, and experiences.

Early Stage Start-up and Civil Society Organization (CSO) Support

Early-stage startups and CSOs are usually well-positioned to address community needs quickly and innov...

Community-Based Non-Profit Initiatives

FG Foundation is committed to the African values of kinship, mutual aid, and solidarity. This is why we actively invet...

Cultural, Custom, Climate Preservation, and Propagation

As we advance as a continent, it is our responsibility to adopt intentional, well-designed methods to preserve...

Make a Contribution To Our Community

At Future Generations Foundation, we believe that ‘Community is currency’- A critical ingredient that, when harnessed appropriately, could generate a shared nerve center that keeps a collective pulse on community affairs.

Meet The Team

We follow principles that focus on trustworthiness and partnership with the community

Dr. John Mark Bwanika

Lead Convener

Dr. John Mark Bwanika

John Mark Bwanika is a medical doctor and Global E-health specialist. He is a founding partner of Rocket Health Africa, a digital health and Telemedicine Company in Africa, where he serves as the Chief Operations & Research Officer.
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Linda Mutesi


Linda Mutesi

Linda is a feminist lawyer, curator, and social entrepreneur. She believes in the sharing of wealth and investment into our communities and explores this work with The Future Generations (FG) Foundation.
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Vivienne Kabarungi


Vivienne Kabarungi


Past and Present Body of Work

The FG Foundation has established partnerships with various organizations operating in the fields of Education, Energy, Climate Conservation, Art, and Agriculture. These partnerships will continue to be a key aspect of the Foundation’s work, allowing it to collaborate with organizations that share its vision and goals. Some of the organizations the Foundation has partnered with include:….

Introducing the FG Foundation Community Note!

Explore a wealth of inspiring stories that showcase the activities of our community partners and provide insight into the issues we care about.