Celebrating Phase I of the 32° East Art Centre

Photos provided by 32° East

We were thrilled to join 32 degrees East in celebrating the launch of the first-ever contemporary art centre in Kampala. Thanks to the tireless efforts of LocalWorks and New Makers Bureau, the visionary space was built with the aim of providing an open platform for Ugandan artists to create new, experimental and innovative works through their residency program and public art initiative: KLA ART. The new art center will be a permanent hub for the advancement of Ugandan home-grown talent and a key meeting point for interacting with international peers.

The launch event, held from the 23rd to 25th of March, was a three-day celebration of this epic milestone and marked the beginning of Phase II. 32 hosted an engaging program featuring fascinating selections of short and feature-length works by filmmakers from Uganda, Sudan, Colombia, and DRC. The event also included performances from established artists such as Awori, Sandra Suubi, Jared Onyango, Kampire, Nsasi, Decay, and Bonaventure.

32° East’s new creative center embodies innovation and free-thinking, carving a unique space for Ugandan contemporary art on the international stage. In addition to the existing facilities, Phase II of the new 32° East will include two more artist studios, a well-resourced learning center and library, a workshop space, a purpose-built public art gallery, accommodation for visiting artists, and art shops.

We are proud to have contributed to the establishment of this contemporary art center, as it reflects our dedication to supporting artistic endeavors and fostering cultural growth. The Trust’s commitment to providing a platform for local artists to showcase their talents and contribute to the global art scene is inspiring and will undoubtedly play an important role in advancing contemporary art in Uganda and promoting cultural exchange and collaboration.

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