Future Generations (FG) Foundation:
The First 100 Community of Givers

What: 100 Givers of at least 1 million UGX ( USD 280) each towards FG Foundation work.

Current progress

About FG Foundation

The FG Foundation anchors itself in researching, curating, and diligently archiving ideas and solutions grounded in the age-long practices of African philanthropy and providing solutions deeply grounded in our values of community and trust as currency with like-minded people and institutions across the world.


To generate and catalyze community-based ideas and solutions in Africa through resource-sharing and partnership-building.


A community of socially conscious people committed to reimagining their communities using means that are anchored in dignity, equity, and trust-based relationships that forecast for the present and future of Africa.

FG Foundation’s work is focused on 3 main pillars

For over a decade, the FG Foundation conveners have been actively involved in the community workspace in Uganda by offering overall advisory services, administrative, legal, governance, and financial support to various organizations in the education, arts, youth skilling, sports, policy reviews, research, and civic engagement sectors.

Our Partnerships have so far included organizations such as Sooo Many Stories, Leo Africa institute, Julius Nyerere Centre, Njabala Foundation, The Taala Foundation, The Citizen Report, Discover Kampala, Boundless Minds, Okere City, Uganda Photo Press Awards, The East African Public Square, 257 Arts in Bujumbura, Education Grants to students at higher education institutions, individual artists and artisans.

At Future Generations Foundation, we believe that ‘Community is currency’– A critical ingredient that, when harnessed appropriately, could generate a shared nerve center that keeps a collective pulse on community affairs.

As part of the ‘First 100 Givers’, you are a first responder. You are part of the FG conveners’ inner circle contributing to the formative work that will lay the foundation for national and continent-wide impact.

The 100M UGX (USD 28,000) being raised as part of this initiative will help FG to, among other things; Research, document, and archive African Philanthropy practices and their relation with other global practices. Set up a full-time administrative unit that supports community organizations with governance, systems, grants, and sustainability solutions. Commission and curate formative research on Uganda’s history to create free-to-access archives in physical, audio, print, video, etc. formats curated to trace solutions to our community challenges from within.

How interested givers can donate

Here is how you can give to this cause and be a part of the FG Foundation First 100 Givers:

Bank Transfers:

Bank: Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited
Branch: Forest Mall
Account name: FG Foundation Limited
Account Number: 9030021055076
Currency: UGX

Bank: Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited
Branch: Forest Mall
Account name: FG Foundation Limited
Account Number: 9030021055106
Currency: USD

Further Details For International Transfers:


Pay Through:
USD Account number 36110279
Citibank New York


Code: 108285
Name: FG Foundation Limited
To send: *165*3*108285#

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